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Suggestions / Suggestion - Server
« on: September 06, 2017, 07:05:17 pm »
Your name in the game : UFt.luchgox             
What is the suggestion about (Server, Forum, IRC) :   Server             
What will you suggest : Since Spas Shotgun is most expensive and powerful at combat weapon.So it should be at ammu nor for free.   
Anything else you want to say : Free Sniper Rifle (not the laser scoped)

VCMP-Clans / Re: UF - Unique Force
« on: September 06, 2017, 05:25:34 pm »

Suggestions / Closed Suggestion for the Server
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:00:24 am »
Your name in the game : UFt.Luchgox       
What is the suggestion about (Server, Fourm, IRC) : Server           
What will you suggest :  Im suggesting a improvement for the server,that's like,
-Players spawn in his last position like in which position he have killed or died.But,if players want to disable so,there might have command or function to disable last-position(/lastpos) or die position(/diepos) system
Anything else you want to say : Change the forum theme

VCMP-Clans / Registered UF - Unique Force
« on: May 15, 2017, 12:42:28 am »

Jaw and Former owner Zeaven teamed up and started a clan named Unique Force, There were some hurdles but Jaw kept his spirits up and maintained it since 2013

Homepage: Unique Force

Clan Tags :

=UF=, [UF], [UFr], [UFt]

[UF]RebellioN <Active>
[UF]Jaw <Active>
[UF]BloodClaw/Azal <Active>

[UF]Sl!d3r <In-active>
[UF]Rangerz <In-active>
[UF]Cyrus. <Active>
[UF]W!Z4rds* <Active>
[UF]Decent_946 <Active>
[UF]DarKGhoSt / [UF]Zakreto^ <Active>
[UF]SanaullaH <Active>
[UF]As1/Arsal <Active>

[UFr]HolloWindSly <In-active>
[UFr]KingSlayer <In-active>
[UFr]KaRaMaT^ <Active>
[UFr]M4rco <Active>
[UFr]SuriAttacker <Active>
[UFr]Saim <In-Active>

[UFt]Honey* <In-Active>
[UFt]Tec <In-Active>
[UFt]AngeL^ <In-active>
[UFt]Sasuke^/Leurant^ <Active>
[UFt]Kyle/4n45 <Active>
[UFt]Elissa <Active>
[UFt]LuchGox/klein. <Active>
[UFt]Arsh./Daffy <Active>
[UFt]Spectacular/G3cko <Active>
[UFt]Shadow.JacK^./ <Active>
[UFt]Injection/DraCuLa^ <Active>
[UFt]Green_bOY/Lerexur <Active>
[UFt]RavenouZ./rVz <Active>

Total Members: 33

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