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Admin Applications / Re: Hey
« Last post by Bninin on November 12, 2017, 01:03:06 am »
guys guys plz dont make this girl admin because fuck RK clan and make me admin plz ok ?
« Last post by SuriAttacker on November 03, 2017, 07:29:17 pm »
Temporarily banned for 1 month, thanks for reporting.
Reports / Temp-Banned REPORT MOSTAFA
« Last post by sheeps on November 03, 2017, 07:17:47 pm »
Rule-breaker's nickname: Mostafastrong
Date and Time: 4/11/2017
Reason for reporting:  speed hack
Evidence: https://youtu.be/EC65FkoytL4
Additional information:plz ban him or make admin because he hacker i love this is server server clean i like him
Admin Applications / PLZ make me SUR
« Last post by sheeps on November 02, 2017, 11:59:59 pm »
Current nickname: =RK=Sheep
Previous nicknames: [OFF]Sheep
Age: 18
Country/Timezone: Tunisia/+1GMT
How long have you been playing in EvoDM?: 12 weeks
Administrative experience: Rampage killer iam admin for 5 minit
Extra notes: I would like make me admin because there many people hack and evade etc...... ok just admin for clean server i love the server iam alwys ply ther
Reports / Re: report mody
« Last post by SuriAttacker on November 02, 2017, 11:43:43 pm »
When reporting a player you need to provide an evidence, otherwise your report will be denied.

Report denied.
Suggestions / Re: Suggestion--IRC
« Last post by Siezer on November 02, 2017, 06:24:07 pm »
There is already an IRC tab right on the top of forum.
Admin Applications / Re: Hey
« Last post by Bninin on November 02, 2017, 05:58:35 pm »
oh yes because player :lol is speed hacker SO make me or marineforce admins for ban all hacker ok ? :D
Admin Applications / Hey
« Last post by =RK=MarineForce on November 02, 2017, 12:29:54 am »
Current nickname: =RK=MarineForce
Previous nicknames: Ulamin
Age: 13
Country/Timezone: GMT + 5 Pakistan.
How long have you been playing in EvoDM?: 3-2 Months
Administrative experience: The Rampages Killers Owner Faggot City Head-Admin :(
Extra notes: Hey Guyz There Are NO Online in Server SO ( :-X. Because There are many rule breakers, Spammers, Hacker etc... in-game so i wanted the server to be clean from these people. 
VCMP-Clans / RK = Rampages Killers
« Last post by =RK=MarineForce on November 02, 2017, 12:20:20 am »
Rampage Killers
Everything is special to Kill







Forum: http://rk.smfnew2.com
Currently leading by: MarineForce with DeathMachine & NimitZ
Total Killer's: 6 (including leaders)
Roaster Credits:
Rank Logo's made by DeathMachine
Topic made by Luchgox & MarineForce =RK=DeathMachine

Founded by MarineForce few weeks ago.

Total Members :  ???
Reports / Denied report mody
« Last post by Bninin on October 30, 2017, 09:32:02 am »
Rule-breaker's nickname:mody
Date and Time:30/10/2017
Reason for reporting:speed-hack and wall-hack and hp-hack
Additional information:
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